Parkour Corridor 4 map

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Parkour Corridor 4 map

The Parkour Corridor 4 map offers an extensive array of challenges in Minecraft Bedrock Edition! The creator has incorporated numerous options to inject variety into the usual jumping routines within the custom world.

Explore this location if you’re seeking a break from the survival mode in Minecraft Pocket Edition!

Notable features:

Parkour Corridor 4 map

  • Time-based progression.
  • Activation of traps.
  • Activation of blocks with unique effects.
  • Multiplayer capability.

The world comprises 30 sequential areas, each presenting different levels of challenge. You must navigate through them successively, without the option to skip ahead. The difficulty levels fluctuate, offering a mix of easier stages and considerably more demanding ones. Furthermore, you have the option to invite friends to accompany you and join in the gameplay.

Parkour Corridor 4 map

Installation Instructions:

  • Download the map.
  • Open the files within the Minecraft application.
  • Launch the world to begin your adventure.

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