Block Party map

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Block Party map

Acquire the Block Party map for Minecraft on your Android device and relish an animated experience with friends, participating in tests of reaction time and attentiveness!

  • Map: Block Party for MCPE

For those desiring a departure from the usual survival maps, parkour challenges, or visually appealing yet purposeless block landscapes, this map stands as a perfect selection. It presents an exceptionally crafted and entertaining mini-game for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Utilize this map to engage in enjoyable moments with friends, blending parkour elements, social interaction, reaction tests, and more.

Guide for Playing:

  • Commence on a spacious square adorned with wool blocks in diverse colors.

Block Party map

  • As the game commences, you’ll be assigned a wool block of a specific color, and a countdown will initiate.
  • Within the given timeframe, locate a matching colored block on the ground and position yourself on it.
  • When the time expires, all blocks, excluding the required color, vanish.

Block Party map

Crucial Note:

With each unfolding round, the speed at which blocks disappear accelerates. Hence, quick reactions and the ability to discern the necessary blocks become crucial.

This map not only captivates with its visual appeal and innovative gameplay but also sets itself apart through technical finesse. The creators have dedicated substantial effort to ensure the seamless and automatic operation of the mini-game. Consequently, it is unquestionably worth exploring and participating in amiable competitions with your companions.

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