Ambient Sounds Addon 1.20+

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Ambient Sounds Addon 1.20+

With the new modification of Ambient Sounds, the natural environment in Minecraft PE will have a completely different audio experience. The mod authors have introduced enhanced ambient sounds and several new melodies that will now resonate within the game. In the majority of existing biomes, entirely different tunes will play, touching the depths of one’s soul. Here are the primary changes:

In forests and on plains, you’ll hear diverse bird calls, the rustling of leaves in the wind, and during the night, when daytime inhabitants slumber, crickets will take over, serenading with their songs until dawn.

Desert biomes will greet you with strange sounds, emanating from beetles, the howling of the wind, and the cries of predatory birds.

Jungles will captivate all who venture within, with the songs of birds and other inhabitants filling the air.

Oceans and beaches will astonish with their immersive atmosphere, the sound of waves crashing, and the calls of seagulls.

Caves will now feature sounds from the Java version of Minecraft PE.

Even the Nether will undergo significant changes. The End will send shivers down your spine with the eerie voices of demons that surround you. Here, you might even hear the majestic sounds emitted by dragons from the distant dimension. To immerse yourself in this incredible atmosphere, you only need to download Ambient Sounds and embark on an exploration of the transformed cubic world, savoring the new audio experiences.


  • Download the mod.
  • Open the files using Minecraft.
  • Activate the sets in the settings.
  • Launch the world.

Ambient Sounds Addon 1.20+

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