Raiyon’s Dynamic Lighting Addon 1.20+/1.19+

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Raiyon's Dynamic Lighting Addon 1.20+/1.19+

After installing the Raiyon’s Dynamic Lighting add-on, players gain the ability to light up their surroundings simply by holding an item in their left hand, providing a convenient survival feature in the gaming world.

In Minecraft PE, the lack of the option to illuminate the area by holding a light source in hand remains unchanged. Developers have not yet integrated this function, but dedicated enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to address this limitation.

All luminous blocks and items emit varying levels of brightness, with the Red Torch being the least powerful. Most items can be easily carried in the left hand.

Introducing Jack’s Helmet-Lantern:
Head to the crafting area to acquire a new helmet that, when worn, provides passive illumination.

Raiyon's Dynamic Lighting Addon 1.20+/1.19+

Changes in the latest version:

  • Improved world lighting
  • Introduction of new luminous items

Added the ability to use the Torch immediately after crafting
Corrected lighting errors
To enable the add-on’s functionality, it is necessary to activate Experimental Gameplay in the world settings.

Raiyon's Dynamic Lighting Addon 1.20+/1.19+

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