Mob Vote 2023 mod

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Mob Vote 2023 mod

To add three creatures to Minecraft on Android at once, download the Mob Vote 2023 mod!

This modification introduces three creatures, for which players are currently voting. The developers will ultimately add only one of them, but you can have all three right away by downloading the add-on.

The modi includes:

  • Crabs

Mob Vote 2023 mod

  • Armored Turtles

Mob Vote 2023 mod

  • Penguins

Mob Vote 2023 mod

The mobs presented here possess the same models and textures as those showcased by the developers. For additional information, you can refer to the Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) preview.

Installation Instructions:

  • Download the modification.
  • Open the files using Minecraft.
  • Enable the add-ons in the settings.
  • Turn on the “Experimental Settings.”
  • Begin your world.

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