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Have you ever used an application like Toolbox before? If not, then you will be interested to know what it is and what this application brings to your Minecraft world! Toolbox is a program that is used for Minecraft PE. This program is able to change the gameplay in the Minecraft world by adding different items, changing weather conditions, game modes, and maps. The Toolbox modifier allows you to enchant things and create different hostile monsters to improve the gameplay, which is different from the original version of Minecraft. Thanks to the Toolbox for Minecraft PE, the modifier finds the game on the Android device and determines what changes are available in the work with the version of the Minecraft PE game used by the players.

Toolbox features
Below you can see a complete list of the main features of Toolbox for Android devices:
1. The first is adding different items to your inventory. Players can search by item name and catalog. Also, players can receive weapons, armor, blocks for building structures, and potions;
2. The second is the feature of changing the parameters of characters and different creatures. Exposing indicators of health, hunger, attack, and movement speed;
3. Changing the environment. Toolbox for Minecraft PE allows you to create weather effects and conditions using commands, create different biomes, and place NPCs;
4. Teleport between locations. You can teleport to any place on the map for testing;
5. Setting the effects of potions and weapon upgrades. The toolbox allows players to create items that are unique in power and abilities;
6. Changing the interface. Adding tools for sorting inventory, minimaps, and health indicators.
7. Improved Gameplay. Shows the location of the necessary blocks through walls, activates flight modes, and gives the player invulnerability.

Using the Toolbox program, players can make the gameplay more interesting and fun, but players can also use other ways to change their world and other game aspects using, for example, MCPE Master for Minecraft PE, with which the player adjusts the parameters of the hero and the game server.

Toolbox advantages and disadvantages
The first thing we will consider is the positive aspects:
1. Players can make changes using the gameplay setting without using a code;
2. Players can sort certain features according to thematic categories;
3. Launching the game and checking for new changes through the application.

The second is the negative side:
1. Available only for the official version of the Minecraft game;
2. Test mode is not available without the game installed!

Toolbox for Minecraft PE is a unique and useful tool for players who like mods and testers of new modes on tablets and mobile devices. The program adds things to the game that are not provided by the developers of Mojang.

Toolbox for Minecraft PE on a mobile device or tablet with the Android operating system can be downloaded for free, the new version can be downloaded from the direct link below.

Download Toolbox for Minecraft: PE 5.4.18 for Android

Download Toolbox for Minecraft: PE 5.4.18 for Android

Download Toolbox for Minecraft: PE 5.4.18 for Android




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