Minecraft [Beta version]

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Minecraft [Beta version]

Revamped mace, new music, and numerous bug fixes – download the latest version of Minecraft PE for Android and dive into the updated test build of the sandbox game with renewed vigor, completely transforming the gameplay experience.

What’s New in Minecraft

As with previous updates, some of the new features include the release of new tools (scripts, templates, and chat commands) for the built-in editor, used by testers and developers of unofficial content.

A significant portion of the changes also focuses on improving performance: crashes, bugs, and various issues in the mobile version of Minecraft are now much less common.

  • Mace:

Adjustments to melee weapon characteristics:

  • Attacks on airborne targets no longer produce dirt particles (or other effects).
  • Mace durability increased from 250 to 500, but damage reduced to 5.
  • The “Density” enchantment now has a reduced effect (by 0.5 per level).
  • Damage from Crushing Attack (immediately after jumping) is reduced – the first few blocks of height during the fall deal 4 damage, the next up to 5 blocks deal 2 more damage, and after that, each block deals 1 damage.
  • Enchantments for additional effects, including “Smite,” “Breakthrough,” “Bane of Arthropods,” and “Density,” no longer combine and work together.

Developers announced over 52 changes. Key updates include:

  • “Survival” and “Creative” modes now allow the use of 15 new paintings (some are rewards).
  • Improved profile design is available without activating “Experimental Features.”
  • Music discs sometimes appear in dungeons and unexplored locations (Lena Raine – Creator is found in Eerie Valleys and Patterned Vases, Aaron Cherof – Precipice in Chests).
  • More background tracks now play in the main menu and while exploring biomes: Yakusoku, PuzzleBox, Komorebi, Watcher, PokoPoko, Endless, Eld_Unknown, FeatherFall, Deeper.
  • Half-empty air bubbles appear when low on air, accompanied by a swaying effect.
  • The display time for beginner tips has been changed – messages now disappear faster and sometimes interrupt when interacting with certain items.
  • The test build now features background illustrations from Minecraft 1.21 and allows for even more interface customization.
  • The recipe for crafting copper doors and hatches has been reworked – now uses ingots instead of blocks.
  • Breezes pass through fire differently and take reduced damage from certain types of attacks.
  • Sinister and regular challenge spawners work differently: they no longer allow armor pickups from defeated mobs, generate more weak enemies, no longer drop XP potions, or scatterprojectiles unless opponents are nearby. Additional rules can now be set with the DoMobSpawn command.

Developers have focused on fixing Challenge Rooms: changed the drop chances of music discs, placed chests (both empty and with loot), reduced the number of Patterned Vases, and worked on corridor generation rules, completely removing TNT traps.

  • Bug Fixes:

Mojang specialists have introduced over 20 updates to improve the technical state of the sandbox and address crashes, balance issues, and optimization problems:

  • The air bar no longer appears in Creative mode when diving underwater.
  • Tuff blocks have been reworked – they now appear on maps purchased from Cartographers, produce new sounds when destroyed, and break at the same speed with appropriate tools.
  • Crafters emit improved particles upon destruction and no longer fall through textures.
  • Characters and selected (and worn) skins now display differently in the “Wardrobe.”
  • The Ender Dragon, when sitting, no longer takes damage from Tridents and Wind Charges.
  • The “Gust of Wind” enchantment is no longer available for trade with villagers and cannot be exchanged for resources.
  • The “Outcast” achievement, previously only available in test builds, is once again obtainable.
  • The volume of Wind Charges is no longer dependent on the mob activity sound parameter.
  • Names of certain Potions and Arrows, as well as their effects, have been corrected in Russian.
  • Mobs under the “Infection” effect can no longer spawn Silverfish when striking a Shield.
  • Rapid body position changes in water using Wind Charges now calculate fall damage differently when landing.
  • Fall damage after being thrown by a Breeze is recalculated and now deals more damage.
  • Swampers now react to any provocations from nearby mobs (including neutral ones).

Minecraft [Beta version]

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