Christmas Decorations addon 1.20+

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Christmas Decorations addon 1.20+

Install the Christmas Decorations addon to introduce festive elements into the game, such as gifts, Christmas trees, blocks, reindeer, and more. Multiple tree variations are available to suit individual preferences.

Key features of the Christmas Decorations addon:

Breaking gifts yields items, and Christmas trees and decorative reindeer flicker. This mod creates a wonderfully atmospheric experience, highly recommended for download.

All items are crafted in survival mode.
Use the command /function christmas_decorations to obtain items.

Christmas Decorations addon 1.20+


Breaking them yields various items.
Colors can be changed with a simple click.

Christmas Tree:
Playing a sound and animation upon interaction.

Adjusted with a click.

Animation plays upon interaction.

Change color upon interaction.
Candy Cane:

Toggles on/off with a click.

Santa Claus and Snowman:
Toggle on/off with a click.

Snow Machine:
Creates artificial snow upon interaction.

Christmas Decorations addon 1.20+

Christmas Decorations addon 1.20+

Changes in the latest version:

  • Improved geometry of certain items.
  • Added new blocks.
  • Enhanced block models.
  • Increased variety of items when opening gifts.
  • Introduced new item colors.
  • To use the mod, activate Experimental Gameplay in the world settings.

Christmas Decorations addon 1.20+

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