Zombie Boss mod 1.21+

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Zombie Boss mod 1.21+

Try playing with the Zombie Boss mod in your Minecraft PE world to discover the remains of an ancient poison-wielding zombie boss and defeat it in a fair fight, gaining its abilities for yourself.

Features of the Mod:

This mod introduces a powerful zombie boss in Minecraft Bedrock, complete with a summoning item that must be found in dungeon chests near spawners. Use this item to summon the ancient boss and engage in battle.

Prepare well, as the fight won’t be easy! You’ll be constantly attacked with poisonous abilities and take massive damage. However, upon victory, you’ll obtain the boss’s hand, which activates an ultimate ability.

Zombie Boss Battle:

Once you’re fully prepared for the epic fight and have found the summoning item in the dungeons—the boss’s head—begin the battle by holding it in your hand.

Poisonous Attacks:

As its name suggests, the boss can poison its enemies with powerful toxins. Beware of its deadly attacks!

Summoning Minions:

The enormous boss can also summon zombie minions to aid it, disrupting and attacking you during the battle.

Defeating the Zombie Boss:

After you defeat the massive zombie, its body will fall to the ground. Interact with it to receive its reward item—the zombie hand.

Abilities of the Hand:

To use the hand’s abilities, hold down the screen, and you’ll see that you can now use the boss’s main abilities yourself, including poisoning your enemies.

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