Vampire Craft Mod 1.21+

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Vampire Craft Mod 1.21+

Download the Vampire Craft Mod for vampires, werewolves, and hunters in Minecraft PE. Transform into a werewolf, unlock new abilities, and much more!


This is one of the unique modifications for MCPE that adds extensive mechanics for vampires and werewolves.

  • Become Powerful: You can become the strongest vampire or werewolf in the game by unlocking new abilities, killing humans, and sacrificing them. Vampires constantly need blood and will burn in sunlight along with werewolves, but aggressive mobs will stop attacking them.
  • Hunters: During your journey as a vampire or werewolf, powerful hunters will constantly pursue you. Beware of them to survive and explore all the features of the mod in your world.

Vampire Role Overview:

  • Becoming a Vampire: You can become a vampire in Minecraft Bedrock by being bitten by another vampire (50% chance) or by killing one and using its Vampire Teeth on yourself. The transformation takes 5 minutes and can be halted by drinking a bucket of heated milk.
  • Blood Requirement: After becoming a vampire, you’ll have a blood thirst bar and an item for abilities. Bite mobs to replenish your blood (turning them into vampires) or collect their blood in bottles during the bite. Most abilities consume blood.
  • Hunter Pursuit: Vampires won’t be attacked by mobs but will be hunted by powerful hunters. Killing hunters may yield essential items for upgrades.

Werewolf Role Overview:

  • Becoming a Werewolf: You can become a werewolf with a 50% chance by being bitten or using the Werewolf Fang on yourself. The transformation takes 5 minutes and can be stopped with a hot bucket of milk.
  • Werewolf Properties: After transforming, you’ll gain access to werewolf abilities. Hunters will also pursue you, so be cautious.
  • Improving Abilities:

When you become a vampire or werewolf, you’ll initially have no skills and need to develop them.

  • Altar Offering: Create a blood altar in your world and place it on the surface. Fill it with bottles of blood or werewolf livers. Once full, interact with the altar using vampire teeth or werewolf fangs, depending on your role.
  • Opening Upgrades: A window with available abilities and required items for each class will open. Werewolves need experience levels for upgrades. Essential items for skills can be obtained from various entities, such as humans. Be careful not to accidentally activate the altar, as it will need to be refilled.

Vampire Craft Mod 1.21+

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