Trees Plus+ texture pack

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Trees Plus+ texture pack

The Trees Plus+ texture pack significantly overhauls the textures of trees in Minecraft PE, enhancing their foliage density with 3D models, making log structures more realistic, and adjusting color tones based on the environment. These changes are also reflected in item textures.


  • Enhanced Tree Structures: Trees will undergo a range of visual changes, creating a more aesthetically pleasing environment in your Minecraft PE world. This resource pack is perfect for beautifying your surroundings.
  • Comprehensive Tree Overhaul: Changes affect all tree components, including trunks, foliage, and color schemes. Decorations will vary depending on the biome, ensuring a more natural and fitting appearance.
  • Demonstration of Redesigned Trees:

Below are some screenshots showcasing the beautiful and detailed changes to trees in Minecraft Bedrock when using this texture pack.

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