Training Laboratory map

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Training Laboratory map

Download the Training Laboratory Map for Minecraft on Android and refine your abilities to excel in all mini-games, ensuring no room for your adversaries!

  • Training Laboratory Map for Minecraft PE

For avid Minecraft PE players immersed in server activities, player versus player battles, and more, the importance of specific survival skills is evident. However, acquiring these skills during regular gameplay can pose a challenge.

Enter special maps designed to assist you in training a variety of skills crucial for online battles. On this singular map, you can simultaneously practice diverse skills without the need for constant respawning or encountering defeat.

Training Laboratory map

  • Elevated jumps:

In moments where time is critical, and a gradual descent is not viable, take a daring leap from substantial heights. To endure, utilize resources such as boats, water, ender pearls, and more. In this mode, you’ll continually descend until you successfully rescue yourself from peril.

Training Laboratory map

  • Player versus player battles:

Engage in combat with a bot to refine your striking, jumping, bow shooting, and other skills, preparing yourself for authentic skirmishes.

Training Laboratory map

  • Aquatic traversal:

This mode allows you to master the art of literally walking on water using buckets. Swiftly position them beneath you to prevent sinking and complete the challenge as expeditiously as possible.

Training Laboratory map

  • Mob confrontations:

Survive within an expansive enclosure while mobs attempt to vanquish you. Devise unique strategies for each monster, striving to endure for as long as possible.

Training Laboratory map

  • Vertical wall traversal:

In situations where no conventional path exists, learn the technique of running on walls by promptly placing blocks beneath you. Master this skill directly on the map.

Training Laboratory map

  • Rapid wall rescue:

In Bed Wars, when ejected from the world, save yourself by swiftly placing a block beneath you within a fraction of a second. It demands skill, so practice this maneuver here.

Training Laboratory map

  • Portal construction:

For those aspiring to speedrun Minecraft PE, master the art of creating a portal to the Nether from a lava lake and a water bucket. Enhance your speed on this specialized map.

This map stands as the ideal choice for individuals striving to become genuine professionals, consistently triumphing over even the most formidable opponents. Training these skills not only proves beneficial but also offers an incredibly captivating experience.

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