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Space addon

Have you ever dreamed of feeling like a real astronaut? You should download the Space addon for Minecraft PE on Android and experience incredible adventures!


Developers of the famous online strategy game have created a unique modifier that allows you to dive into the dark depths of cosmic expanses.


  • Players can feel like real astronauts.
  • Ability to peek into other universes hidden behind murky curtains.
  • Experience various space ships, rockets, shuttles, and fighters.
  • Chance to meet inhabitants of other space objects, neutral, friendly, or hostile towards Steve.
    This modification for MCPE is specially designed for players who have always dreamed of having their own space transport.

What it offers:

  • Ability to build a large and unique carrier on which you can fly to other dimensions;
  • Game version similar to the real existing prototype “Falcon 9”;
  • Only one player character fits inside the created mechanism;
  • Carrot-on-a-stick is a kind of control lever;
  • Experience potion is an indispensable fuel;

Special suit replaces Steve’s armor.
New Worlds
Traveling to other dimensions has become possible thanks to significant work on the End territory.

What’s new:

  • Ability to build a portal between planets in the End;
  • The spacesuit is made of dyed leather armor;

Gravity has been changed to be similar to Earth’s.


This unique mod offers extensive opportunities to conquer the Moon and Mars:

  • Ability to visit Earth’s satellite and the Red Planet at any time;
  • Ability to make incredible jumps on the Moon due to altered gravity laws;
  • Immersion in life on Mars, where gravity laws are similar to Earth’s;
  • To walk on Mars, you need to select a functional command from the menu;
  • Mars is inhabited by zombies in protective suits;
    The active character must constantly wear a spacesuit with oxygen.

Space addon

Space addon

Space addon

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