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Sniffer addon 1.21+

Want to be among the first to explore a new mob in the pixel world? Download the Sniffer addon for Minecraft PE on Android and see what this new addition brings!

Purpose of the Sniffer Addon for MCPE:
Developers enhance existing creatures and introduce new ones, making the biome world more diverse.


  • Powerful Sense of Smell: Can detect seeds of various plants.
  • Crafted by the Community: This modification was created by Minecraft players.
  • Sound and Functions: Discover the sounds it makes and the functions it performs.
  • Creative Mode Summon Eggs: Use these eggs to spawn new Sniffers.
  • Introduction to the Sniffer:

This creature resembles a turtle with a sturdy shell and a nose capable of sniffing out various scents, helping it navigate the pixelated world. Its bright colors make it stand out even among foliage. Announced for future games, the Sniffer has many yet-to-be-revealed abilities. Become its explorer!


Sniffer Abilities:

Primary Ability: Using its unique sense of smell to find seeds from different plants scattered across all biomes.

Seeds it can find include:

  • Melon
  • Pumpkin
  • Beetroot, etc.

Distinctive Breathing: Produces loud breathing sounds with three different tones and volume levels.
Additional Items:

What else does this modification offer?

  • Inventory Items: In addition to the summon egg, there are two more eggs that need to be broken to spawn a colorful baby Sniffer.
  • Behavior: Harmless to Steve and easily makes contact, smiling affectionately.
  • Interaction: Enjoys helping active players and hides behind them when it notices other adult Sniffers.
  • Egg Locations: Sniffer eggs can be found in unexpected places, such as on a sandy ocean shore.
  • Attachment: Once it appears near Steve, it “sticks” to him permanently.

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