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Roll and Stamina

Roll and Stamina is a Minecraft PE mod that introduces new mechanics to the game: the ability to roll and manage stamina. These new features can significantly alter gameplay and provide players with more opportunities. For instance, rolling can be utilized to evade enemy attacks or to mitigate fall damage from great heights without health loss.

Key features of the mod include:

  • Versatility in Gameplay: This mod can be utilized in parkour challenges or in player-versus-player (PVP) encounters with friends. Its integration adds a touch of elegance, especially in survival mode, expanding its utility beyond online multiplayer or parkour maps.
  • Stamina Management and Tricks: The central feature of the mod revolves around stamina management. Players now have a limited pool of stamina, which depletes upon performing various actions such as sprinting or using certain abilities. Once stamina is depleted, players are unable to utilize their abilities until it’s restored.
  • Damage Effects: Additionally, upon sustaining damage, players will experience a slowdown, hindering their ability to sprint swiftly.

Roll and Stamina

Roll and Stamina

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