Raiyon’s Tools Plus Addon

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Raiyon's Tools Plus Addon

In Minecraft Bedrock, the availability of tools and weapons is constrained, and players lack the capability to meld materials for the creation of novel items. However, the Raiyon’s Tools Plus add-on bestows a wider array of choices upon players.

Upon installation of the mod, the game will unveil more than 88 fresh variants of weaponry and implements, all painstakingly fashioned from unconventional materials. Each of these items possesses its own distinct attributes, elaborated upon as follows:


  • The armor affords comprehensive protection.
  • Features exclusive to this set are present.

Raiyon's Tools Plus Addon



  • It boasts the most potent gear.
  • The greater the number of items within the set, the more hearts the player accrues.
  • The weaponry inflicts the most substantial damage.
  • The armor emits a sound effect that repels adversaries when attacking.

Raiyon's Tools Plus Addon

Sand Soul:

  • It bestows night vision and sets foes ablaze.
  • Tools operate more swiftly than their diamond counterparts.
  • It hampers the movements of hostile mobs.

Raiyon's Tools Plus Addon


  • The armor augments the player’s strength.
  • The tools are considerably swifter than diamond ones but less enduring.

Raiyon's Tools Plus Addon


  • The tools are swifter than iron, albeit less sturdy.

Raiyon's Tools Plus Addon


  • The tools operate at a slower pace than diamond ones but exhibit enhanced durability.
  • he utilization of these tools or weapons yields experience points.

Raiyon's Tools Plus Addon


  • It surpasses diamond tools in terms of speed, yet is somewhat less durable.

Raiyon's Tools Plus Addon

Activation of the add-on mandates the activation of the Experimental Gameplay feature in the world settings.Alterations in the latest iteration include:

  • Introduction of an expanded array of tools, weaponry, and armor options.
  • Overhauled textures for a refreshed visual experience.
  • Rectification of assorted bugs and issues.

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