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PUBG addon

To engage in battles, you need to download the PUBG addon for Minecraft PE on Android and start the fight! Now, anyone can experience the possibility of playing as heroes from the popular epic shooter in pixelated reality.

The PUBG add-on for Minecraft PE: What opportunities does it offer?
The creators decided to introduce new features, giving players the chance to battle as warriors from the cool shooter.

Advantages include:

  • Introduction of special armor.
  • Introduction of a vast array of diverse combat vehicles.
  • Ability to construct powerful defensive structures.
  • Various structures and blocks providing shelter during combat.


  • Helmets:
    This unique modification in MCPE adds various helmet options to the game. They are available in different shapes and colors. To summon the desired item on the screen, the player needs to select the /function capa command from the menu.
  • Combat Vehicles:
    For swift movement, a powerful vehicle is necessary. The character can choose the desired mode of transportation.

Available vehicles include:

  • Open-top or hatchback vehicles.
  • Vehicles with standard and sturdy roofs, protecting against projectile impacts and surrounding enemies.
  • Vehicles with canvas covers, allowing for the quick deployment of very large weapons.
  • Other means of transportation are also available. For instance, for rapid movement across water surfaces, one can use a boat. Additionally, vehicles can be painted in any available color.

PUBG addon

PUBG addon

  • This variety of color and functional options enables players to distinguish between “friendlies” and enemies in multiplayer mode.

Resources for battle and after the battle:
The addon also provides players with various resources:

  • Ability to use various blocks and structures when constructing defensive installations and military fortifications.
  • Ability to construct barricades independently, without bot intervention.
  • Chests with various contents can be found in the houses of peaceful villagers.
  • Obtaining first aid kits and the ability to heal any wounds through crafting.
  • Players can choose from a diverse selection of weapons: pistols, rifles, knives.
  • Selection of excellent armor.

PUBG addon

PUBG addon

PUBG addon

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