Pokemon Catching addon 1.20+

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Pokemon Catching addon

The Pokemon Catching addon will introduce Pokémon into Minecraft PE (Bedrock) with cool animations and abilities for attacking your enemies. Additionally, the game will feature a variety of cool items.

  • Key features of the Pokémon Catching mod:

You can use this modification for Minecraft PE (Bedrock Edition) in survival mode since all crafting options will be available. The game will include sounds, animations, particles, and a redesigned interface.

  • Capabilities:

Pokémon will exhibit smart behavior, being able to attack, defend, and sleep. The attack strategy of each Pokémon will depend on the situation, with three types of attacks: low, medium, and complex.

Pokémon of the same element will deal minimal damage to each other. For example, water-type Pokémon cannot attack each other.

Pokemon Catching addon

The game will also introduce numerous cool items.

Pokemon Catching addon

  • Skins:

Moreover, this add-on will bring many skins into the game related to the universe.

Pokemon Catching addon

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