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Parkour 3D

The Parkour 3D map is suitable for both solo training and multiplayer competitions. It stands out from other Minecraft games due to its wide range of gameplay possibilities: within the block universe, you can bring almost any idea to life! Therefore, very quickly, talented users and developers created several competitive models, with parkour becoming one of the most popular. Test yourself in a special race!

In Minecraft, he involves navigating a course with jumps of varying difficulty levels: sometimes you encounter truly challenging obstacles that require special tactics or puzzle-solving skills. Simply jumping from block to block won’t work, as the purpose of the challenge is to test players’ skills and identify the best!

You’ll encounter a variety of experiences:

  • Classic
  • Complex multi-stage jumps
  • Elytra flights
  • Games with zombies
  • Mazes, and much more!

The map features interesting locations, tracks, and mini-games. You can embark on independent exploration or invite friends to race in a large group.

You can get a closer look at the game through screenshots:

Parkour 3D

Parkour 3D

Parkour 3D

Parkour 3D

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