Open Blocks Elevators addon 1.20+

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Open Blocks Elevators addon 1.20+

The Minecraft PE expansion known as Open Blocks Elevators addon introduces a selection of 17 distinct elevator blocks, meticulously crafted to efficiently transport you either in an upward or downward direction. These freshly added blocks offer a means to swiftly ascend to remarkable heights or descend into the depths of Minecraft’s expansive underground landscapes.

But how do these elevator blocks operate, you may wonder? When it comes to going up, you simply need to jump without crouching. Conversely, for a descent, a gentle jump while crouching is all it takes.

Nevertheless, it’s important to bear in mind that there are specific limitations associated with these elevator blocks:

Your travel range is limited to a maximum of 64 blocks in both the upward and downward directions.
Effective teleportation is achievable only when you employ blocks of the same color as your starting point.

Open Blocks Elevators addon 1.20+

Notable changes in the most recent version include:

  • Enhanced compatibility with Minecraft version 1.20.32.
  • Rectified issues with the lower part of the textures.
  • The addition of 25 new blocks.

To install this add-on, follow these steps:

  • Download the add-on.
  • Open the files using Minecraft.
  • Activate the sets within the settings.
  • Initiate your world.

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