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Oberon Boss addon

The Oberon Boss addon will add a huge, alien boss – Oberon, to Minecraft PE. Additionally, a falling asteroid will also be added to the game. Oberon himself will be beautifully animated and will have many attack abilities.

  • Key features of the modification:

It will be super difficult to defeat this boss in MCPE (Bedrock) alone, so I recommend you invite your friends to help you. This Boss spawns in the regular world, so you can add it to your mod collection for survival.

  • Difficulties in battle:

He will deal 13 damage to you! He will also have various other attack abilities in Minecraft Bedrock.

  • List:

Ground pound: there is a 1 in 5 chance that you will lose all items in your inventory.

  • Shaking: the screen will shake while walking.
  • Black hole: will attract mobs to itself.
  • Claw strike: inflicts poisonous effects when attacking.
  • Jump: he can jump at you.
  • Bombardment: can throw bombs at you.

  • Asteroid:

There will be a chance that you will see the asteroid fall!

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