NewPotions addon 1.21+

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NewPotions addon 1.21+

The NewPotions addon for Minecraft PE introduces 10 new potion bottles with various effects, granting temporary abilities when needed.

Features of the NewPotions Addon:

Compatibility: This mod is compatible with most other Minecraft Bedrock mods and doesn’t require experimental features, making it ideal for survival mod packs to play online with friends.

  • Potion Effects and Crafting:

Let’s delve into the effects and recipes of all the potions you can use in your survival worlds with this magical MCPE mod.

  • Magnetism:

Attracts all items within an 8-block radius to the player’s inventory.

  • Enchanted Step:

Turns water or lava blocks into ice or netherrack when the player steps on them.

  • Teleportation Potion:

Allows the player to teleport to their line of sight while sneaking.

  • Antimagic Potion:

Grants immunity to all negative effects for a limited time.

  • Light Potion:

Illuminates a small area around the player upon use.

  • Hero of the Village:

Provides a strong Hero of the Village effect, enabling more advantageous trades with villagers.

  • Bad Omen:

Applies the Bad Omen effect to the player, triggering raids in villages.

  • Conduit Power:

Grants the player conduit power, allowing them to breathe underwater and explore oceans without restrictions.

  • Deadly Poison:

Instantly kills the player upon consumption, providing no positive effect.

  • Saturation Potion:

Temporarily eliminates the need for food and grants immunity to hunger.

By using these potions, you can enhance your gameplay with unique abilities and effects, making your adventures in Minecraft PE more exciting and versatile.

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