Naruto World map

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Naruto World map

Download the Naruto World map for Minecraft on Android and immerse yourself in the legendary anime, exploring places of incredible beauty. For the latest and most interesting information about your favorite game, check out our Telegram channel –

  • Naruto World Map for MCPE

If you’ve always wanted to experience the world of Naruto, be a part of its story, and even play the role of the main character, then this map is for you. Furthermore, it faithfully recreates the colossal world of this anime with meticulous detailing and beautiful decorations directly in Minecraft PE.

What awaits you?

  • Hidden Leaf Village

A village resembling an ordinary town with various houses and streets!

Naruto World map

  • Hidden Sand Village

An intriguing place filled with sand skyscrapers in the midst of an endless desert.

Naruto World map

Naruto World map

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