More Simple Structures Addon 1.20+

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More Simple Structures Addon 1.20+

The fresh “More Simple Structuresmodification brings a rich variety to the familiar universe of Minecraft PE. Your adventure will revolve around the exploration of numerous novel and uncommon structures characterized by their distinctive designs.

More Simple Structures Addon 1.20+

This package comprises several dozen unique textures, and the creator commits to frequent updates, promising to infuse the mod with even more captivating elements. Below, you’ll find some of the most captivating discoveries waiting for you:

An enigmatic dwelling inhabited by an eccentric trader in the heart of the desert.
Abandoned mansions of varying sizes emerging amidst the forests and taigas.
An enchanting water geyser nestled within the mountains.

More Simple Structures Addon 1.20+
Original apple trees that thrive on the plains and dark oak forests, where you might stumble upon golden apples with a touch of serendipity.
A colossal subterranean dungeon tower with multiple tiers, each teeming with increasingly formidable foes.

More Simple Structures Addon 1.20+
A witch’s hut concealed within the depths of the swamp.
A statue sculpted in the likeness of a head, concealed deep within the jungle.

More Simple Structures Addon 1.20+

More Simple Structures Addon 1.20+
The “More Simple Structures” add-on doesn’t just introduce plain textures to Minecraft PE; it also ushers in new creatures, including a spine-chilling decomposed zombie, minuscule spiders, eerie specters, powerful ethereal knights, and a host of others. Furthermore, you’ll gain access to fresh crafting recipes for various items.

More Simple Structures Addon 1.20+


  • Download the mod.
  • Launch Minecraft and open the mod files.
  • Activate the packs within the settings menu.
  • Enable the “Experimental Settings” option.
  • Commence your adventure in the newly transformed world.

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