More Elytras addon 1.21+

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More Elytras addon 1.21+

More Elytras is a modification that enhances the standard elytras, bringing new flight abilities to Minecraft PE (Bedrock). With this mod, you can obtain turtle, magma, ender, TNT, and other special elytras!

  • Features of the Mod: Elytra Abilities
    If you’re bored with the standard elytras in MCPE (Bedrock), this mod expands their range of capabilities!

For example, with these special elytras, you can fly underwater, set mobs on fire, or even make them levitate. All these abilities can be combined with other mods.

Overview of Elytra Abilities
Let’s explore each of the seven special elytras in this mod that will help you conquer the skies:

  • Turtle:

Crafted from a turtle shell (also used for repairs).
Grants underwater breathing and increased swimming speed, allowing for rapid movement in oceans.

  • Magma:

Crafted from a magma block (also used for repairs).
When you fly into mobs with these elytras, they catch fire and take additional damage.

  • Ender:

Crafted from an Ender Eye (also used for repairs).
Causes mobs to levitate upon contact, resulting in additional fall damage.

  • TNT Elytra:

Crafted from a block of TNT (also used for repairs).
Significantly increases flight glide speed without the need for fireworks.

  • Iron, Diamond, and Netherite Elytras:

Crafted from an iron ingot, diamond, and upgraded diamond elytra with a smithing template and netherite ingot (also used for repairs).
Iron elytras are 40% more durable than standard elytras, diamond elytras are 60% more durable, and netherite elytras are 80% more durable. Netherite elytras also provide fire resistance, allowing you to fly through lava flows.

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