Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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New Skeleton Variant, Unusual Long-range Weapon, and Over 20 Fixes for the “Workshop” – Download the Minecraft PE Beta on Android and Be the First to Explore the New Content!

What’s New in Minecraft PE

The ongoing beta patch, as hinted by the developers, aims to introduce new equipment (and enemies) to the sandbox, as well as address balance and occasional technical issues.

For example, mobs no longer react to damage from allies (meaning skeletons no longer engage zombies in combat!), and Trial Chambers are once again filled with rewards and Spawners generating waves of undead. FPS issues have also been addressed – even in demanding gameplay scenarios, performance remains stable.

Wind Charge:
An unusual long-range weapon that simulates projectile launches


  • Upon impact, it pushes back enemies and inflicts periodic damage (as well as from falling and colliding with obstacles);
  • Charges drop from Breeze in varying amounts (from 4 to 6 pieces) and stack in inventory (up to 64 units);
  • Reload time before the next throw is only 0.5 seconds;
  • There’s a possibility of combining the charge with a Dispenser and Redstone – this will give a chance to build your own turret.

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE


A pale green variation of the Skeleton, encountered in swamps:

  • Appears at night and underground, armed with a bow and poisonous arrows;
  • Has a reduced set of characteristics – 15 hearts of health (instead of 20 for the Skeleton), attack speed – 3.0 seconds, not 1.5;
  • After death, leaves several poisonous arrows on the ground with a low chance;
  • Swamper appears even when passing trials deep underground – it spawns from a Spawner.

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

Experimental Mode:

Mojang specialists plan to add several controversial features to the sandbox:

  • New chat messages after Breeze projectile explosions;
  • Undead (Cadavers, Spiders, Swampers, Husks, and Zombies) no longer react to “ally” attacks;
  • Breeze takes damage from Wind Charge upon direct hit (but not from landing on the ground);
  • Java Edition, like the mobile versions, also includes Trial Chambers and tasks of increased difficulty.

Changes and Fixes:

And a few more unexpected changes:

  • Enchanting a tool with “Luck” correctly increases the chances of obtaining Glowstone, Melons, Redstone Ore, and Nether Warts;
  • The “Stories” screen of each world in Realm (information available only to administrators) has been enriched with new details;
  • Developers introduced a new hint system for newcomers, which gradually adapts to the audience’s requests.

Fixed Bugs:

Developers introduced a list of 8 important innovations:

  • The screens of smartphones and tablets are no longer blocked during “Loading Resource Packs” (textures, modifications, and server files);
  • Changing the localization (language of translation) in “Settings” no longer leads to game crashes or progress loss;
  • The new death screen is automatically activated after an update and now displays correctly even when using custom textures;
  • Selecting servers in Realm and loading multiplayer worlds no longer leads to crashes and progress loss;
  • Broken Fern now yields Wheat Seeds as a peculiar reward;
  • The error display system in the Command Block now clears the “History” after the command starts executing correctly;
  • Flags without patterns or any unusual identifiers can no longer be broken and put in inventory;
  • Enchanting with “Luck” no longer works on tall Flowers found in forests or plains.

Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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