Minecraft PE 1.20.62 [Release]

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Minecraft PE 1.20.62

Elusive Armored Behemoth, Fearless Breeze, and a Series of Technical Innovations – Download Minecraft PE 1.20.62 on Android and Dive into the Familiar Sandbox with New Powers.

What’s New in Minecraft PE 1.20.62:

The latest update, dubbed an urgent fix by developers, has been released specifically for mobile platforms iOS and Android to address critical errors and crashes that have appeared on smartphones and tablets. According to Mojang specialists, issues with server startup, unstable FPS, and disappearing textures are now completely resolved.

  • Trial Chambers:

Another important addition is special keys that unlock reward chests in Trial Chambers. This valuable trophy is no longer tied to the “Experimental Mode” and is officially available in the latest version of Minecraft.

By the way, the loot is evenly distributed among all adventurers who have entered into an unequal battle with opponents in special gladiatorial arenas.

Minecraft PE 1.20.62

  • Breeze:

Also revamped is an aggressive mob that guards treasures deep underground in new structures. It is an air elemental, hovering above the ground and actively attacking unwary travelers with special projectiles.

Dealing with such an unusual enemy is not easy – it easily deflects projectiles, moves deftly even through narrow locations, and very rarely allows anyone to get too close to inflict melee damage…

Minecraft PE 1.20.62

  • Armored Behemoth:

A neutral mob that has migrated to new habitats with the new patch. In addition to savannas, Armored Behemoths are now encountered in unbearably hot deserts, as well as in evergreen plains…

Minecraft PE 1.20.62

Minecraft PE 1.20.62 [Release]

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