Minecraft PE 1.19.50 [Release]

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Minecraft PE 1.19.50 [Release]

The Mojang team has released a major update for Minecraft 1.19.50 on Android phones, which not only fixes various bugs but also introduces several gameplay changes. Many of these innovations were initially planned for version 1.20. We will provide a more detailed overview below.

What’s new in this version of Minecraft Pocket Edition?

A spectator mode has been introduced:

This functionality is exclusively available when cheats are enabled, accessible through the world settings. It can be activated either within the world settings or via the /gamemode spectator command. While in spectator mode, the crosshair remains hidden, the HUD is streamlined, and health and hunger do not diminish. This mode grants the ability to fly freely and pass through obstacles, but spectators are unable to access their inventory or interact with any interfaces. Immortality is granted, rendering spectators impervious to harm. Importantly, mobs and fellow players cannot detect the presence of a spectator.

Furthermore, new control elements have been implemented, which are enabled by default in the settings. However, it is possible to revert to the previous appearance if desired.

Additionally, an array of new characters has been introduced alongside Steve and Alex, including Sunny, Kai, Makenna, Zuri, Efe, Ari, and Nur.

Minecraft PE 1.19.50 [Release]
Notable adjustments have been made to the Annoying Mob (Drowned). Its hitbox has been enlarged for easier targeting, and textures have undergone modification.

In terms of version equality with the Java Edition, several sound changes have been made to doors and hatches, as well as wooden buttons. Red sandstone now boasts a smoother bottom surface, and amphibious mobs no longer experience pathfinding issues around mud blocks. Spectator mode is now featured in the list of personal game modes within the settings, and it’s worth noting that Vindicators no longer drop items for spectators.

Experimental Settings:

  • Added bamboo boats and bamboo blocks.
  • A new mob – the Camel.
  • Added bookshelves.
  • Hanging signs.
  • Fixed crashes and lag occurring under certain conditions.
  • Game optimization for stability and performance improvements.

Minecraft PE 1.19.50 [Release]

And much more!
This release will surely delight all fans of the game, as the developers have put in a tremendous amount of work, making dozens of unprecedented changes available to us. If you are still playing on older clients, we recommend downloading Minecraft 1.19.50 on Android and updating the game as soon as possible.

Minecraft PE 1.19.50 [Release]

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