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Minecraft PE for Android


Test-version of Minecraft please us with modern content – implemented-axolotls, as well as a new block – slate. Goodness, is available in creative inventory. Developers made a number of fixes


Main attention in Minecraft-PE is focused on mob-axolotl. For now, don’t spawn, you summon with call eggs.  When start to come-out in MCBE, you’ll be able to find them in water-caves. Creators come up features


Minecraft PE for Android


Generate – in caves and underwater.

Cannot be tamed, bred with fish

Multi-colored, blue is a big rarity when multiply

Survive on land for minutes

Pretend to be dead after taking damage – mobs won’t attack them, and axolotls regenerate in meantime

If player kills creature pounced by an axolotl, negative effects removed and character revival

Like salmon, beast catches with pail.

Problem with leashes, authors working on – float high above creature.


Minecraft PE for Android


A fresh-block in MCPE on Android is deepslate. It notices on coordinates Y-16, in grotto it quite a good alternative to natural stone. All variations of treatment you get 25 kinds of new-blocks. Changes waiting for us in version:

Visibility of textures underwater improved


Ability to process oxidized-block of copper with wax

Capability to place any sorts of vines on blocks of moss;

Edited glowing lichen category in creative-mode

Moss-blocks now water-block

Liana appear in upgraded-caves

Rework trident-animation

Watch out for carrots – Mojang implemented possibility of rabbits to spoil crops

Detached «endless» feeding for animals until grow.


Minecraft PE for Android



Destruction of stalactite after piston push

Activation of devices after lightning strike on a lightning-rod

Drop of sporocolored blossoms when using scissors

Buckets – catch sea-creature

Display of trident in character-hands;


Enjoy game!


Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android

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