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Minecraft PE 1.21.02 [Release]

A new release version of Minecraft PE 1.21.2 for Android is now available, fixing several critical bugs and implementing minor improvements. More details are available below and on the developers’ website.

  • Highlights of Release

This version enhances your gameplay experience with optimizations and seamless server play.

  • Bug Fixes:

MCPE 1.21.2 addresses several bugs and issues.

A minor hotfix has enhanced the functionality of two types of Trial Spawners and updated the drop rates in the Minecraft Vault.

Resolved Issues:

  • Items dropped by mobs from the Sinister Spawner are now correctly obtainable.
  • The rare drop rate from the Sinister Vault has increased to 80%, up from 20%.
  • Items now correctly drop from the Trial Spawner in older worlds.
  • The @minecraft/server-ui beta now includes the UIManager class and uiManager object.

Minecraft PE 1.21.02 [Release]

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