Minecraft [Beta version]

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Minecraft [Beta version]

Download the Minecraft apk version featuring Xbox Live support to access a broader range of blocks and devices for an immersive gaming experience.

Minecraft PE Beta:

The primary criterion for gamers when selecting their favorite game is its relevance and a diverse selection of game scenarios. While there are already numerous scenarios available, the creators persist in enhancing them.

They diligently rectify potential errors and glitches, ensuring gameplay remains as captivating as possible. Explore all the new features now, as there are more than enough additions this time.


Before the introduction of Tuff, obsidian was the sole dark-colored block. However, obtaining obsidian proves challenging, limiting the construction of structures in the dark version.

Now users can create various textures for these blocks using a stonecutter, allowing them to express their creativity.

Minecraft [Beta version]


Developers decided to channel their attention towards copper. Though it undergoes oxidation, this process can be counteracted with a regular axe.

Simultaneously, users can craft various functional objects from copper, such as doors, hatches, grates, or glowing blocks.

Minecraft [Beta version]

Minecraft [Beta version]


Frequent use renders most items in the cubic world useless, prompting the need for creating new ones. In Minecraft PE, a special Crafter block serves this purpose.

The developers have optimized it for user-friendliness, and the results of its operation are genuinely impressive.

Minecraft [Beta version]

Trial Chambers:

Players rejoice as a long-awaited new structure emerges, promptly filled with various new blocks and mobs.

In Trial Chambers, players may encounter Breeze, a dangerous mob attacking with gusts of wind, inflicting damage and pushing players back.

This area comprises copper and tuff blocks, forming a unique underground corridor and rooms.

Minecraft [Beta version]

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