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Minecraft PE [Release]

The new release of Minecraft PE is now available for Android phones. In this update, developers have fixed bugs and errors found in previous game versions. Additionally, new features and capabilities have been added, which can be enabled in the world settings – Experimental Gameplay Processes. These features will incorporate elements from version 1.21 into your world.

  • Key Features of Release

This is a full version, and you can confidently download it as it is stable. Additionally, from this version onwards, you can join servers and play with friends.

  • Bug Fixes:

Several bugs and errors found in previous versions have been addressed.

  • List of Fixes:

Turtles will now emit the correct amount of particles when laying eggs.
After destroying a campfire, two charcoal will drop instead of one.
Mining lapis lazuli will yield 8 shards instead of 9.
Gold ore in the Nether will drop 6 nuggets instead of 5.

Features from 1.21:

Developers have introduced features from Minecraft PE 1.21 into the new release! However, to ensure everything works, Experimental Gameplay Processes need to be enabled.

  • Trial Room:

This is a new structure that will be procedurally generated, meaning you will encounter different variations of these trial rooms each time. Here, you can encounter new mobs, traps, and treasures.

Minecraft PE

  • Breeze:

A new mob – Breeze in Minecraft PE (Bedrock). You can find it in the trial room. It attacks its enemies with wind, knocking them back. It can activate mechanisms with its wind – opening and closing doors/hatches.

Minecraft PE

  • Trial Spawner:

This is a new spawner that will reward you after defeating mobs. It will spawn mobs… and the number of mobs spawned depends on how many players are fighting them.

Minecraft PE

  • Armored Carrier:

This is a new mob in MCPE. It can be found in the Savannah biome and resembles small mice. Its purpose is to drop a shield, from which you can create armor for wolves.

  • Armored Carrier Features:

Feeds on spider eyes.
Drops a shield.
Can be bred.
Cocooned when sensing danger.
Afraid of: players, zombies, skeletons, and spiders.

Minecraft PE

  • Armor:

You can create wolf armor from armored carrier shields and equip them on your wolf. And if you want to remove the armor, you can do so with scissors.

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE [Release]

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