Minecraft [Beta version]

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Minecraft [Beta version]

The Android release of Minecraft Pocket Edition beta version is now available. In this beta update, the development team has integrated several elements from version 1.21, introducing fresh additions such as copper and tuff blocks. Additionally, they’ve dedicated considerable effort to resolving glitches and errors, leading to a more seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.

Copper Blocks:

  • Copper Carving: This can be crafted by using two Copper Blocks with the same level of oxidation in a Stonecutter.
  • Copper Grating: Crafted from four Copper Blocks with matching oxidation in a Stonecutter.
  • This unique block allows light to pass through.
  • Mobs are not affected when inside it.
  • It doesn’t transmit a Redstone signal.
  • Hostile creatures are unable to spawn on it.
  • Copper Lamp: This block functions as a source of illumination.
  • Its brightness decreases as it undergoes oxidation.
  • Illumination occurs only upon Redstone activation.
  • A central point lights up when connected to Redstone.
  • The Redstone signal can be removed, but the block remains activated.
  • It emits a 15-level signal when detected by a Comparator.
  • Crafted using three Copper Blocks with matching oxidation, a Blaze Rod, and Redstone.

Copper Doors and Hatches:

  • These gradually oxidize over time and operate similarly to standard blocks.
  • Crafted from three Copper Blocks with matching oxidation.

Tough Blocks:

All of these are forged within the Stonecutter:

  • Slabs
  • Walls
  • Carved Blocks
  • Bricks
  • Polished Blocks
  • Stairs
  • These options become available only upon enabling Experimental Mode.

Minecraft [Beta version]


  • The model and animations for Bats have undergone a complete redesign.
  • Chorus Fruit can now be shattered using projectiles.
  • The volume of the Shulker Box destruction sound has been significantly increased.
  • The attack radius of mobs has been overhauled.
  • On-screen loading tips are now categorized into three types based on your progress in survival.

Minecraft [Beta version]


Unfortunately, this version does come with a few issues, namely:

  • Waxed Copper Gratings and Carved Copper cannot be crafted from Waxed Copper Blocks.
  • Carved Copper cannot be crafted on the Crafting Table.
  • Tuff Blocks can only be crafted using the Stonecutter.
  • In Creative mode, flight decelerates upon ground contact.


Four issues have been addressed:

  • Sticky Pistons no longer cause the game to crash.
  • Shields now effectively block attacks after item drop.
  • Leads no longer break when transitioning between separate chunks during loading.
  • Touch settings are now disabled on non-touch devices.

Minecraft [Beta version]

Technical Adjustments:

A total of 18 technical changes have been put into effect, each aimed specifically at addon developers.

Minecraft [Beta version]

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