Minecraft [Beta version]

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Minecraft [Beta version]

The forthcoming Minecraft test version has undergone multiple revisions and addressed diverse bugs and glitches, courtesy of the developers. A comprehensive inventory of the alterations is presented below:

Discontinued the display of notifications for novel techniques to create items and blocks due to their lack of practicality.
The speech synthesizer now audibly articulates the ‘/’ symbol.
The speech synthesizer has been enhanced to vocally pronounce the names of items showcased on the hotbar.
Adjusted the duration of chat messages to last 10 seconds, while notifications persist for a span of 3 seconds.
Effectively eradicated the “Barrel of Sticks” recipe from the game.

Fixed major bugs:

Boats after world update to update 1.20
Cloaks Animation.
The player is no longer stuck in Lianas and ladders
WhUnlocking recipes no longer works in view mode
Mushrooms can be generated on fallen logs
Hitboxing of mobs on appearance
Fixed the ‘/time’ command
Sailor’s Guide has correct lighting
Fixed switching to other riding creatures
Controller cursor is no longer tied to a random inventory slot

Technical Update:

70 improvements have been implemented in this section to improve the efficiency of testers and modders.

It is very important not to forget to back up your worlds before installing the test version of the game. This precaution is necessary to preserve your in-game progress.en removing an enchanted book from a carved bookshelf, the correct sound is made
Fixed a scalability bug in the horse and other creatures jump lane
Carved bookshelf slots are symmetrical to interact with
Sneaking up ladders and vines no longer turns on by itself
Switching to other riding creatures
Crashed on a dedicated server because of the allowlist.json file
Improved handling of simultaneous mouse clicks

Minecraft [Beta version]

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