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Magic Wands

You can download the Magic Wands addon for Minecraft PE on Android and see what happens to the pixel world and its inhabitants. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a wizard and learning to cast spells and miracles?


The developers of the popular application have decided to add more magical phenomena summoned by special items.

What possibilities does the Magic Wands add-on for MCPE provide:

  • There are five types of wands that perform different functions for the active character.
  • Each magical item looks like the element it can create.
  • The lava wand summons volcanic magma in the biome.
  • The ice wand can create a lot of ice and snow blocks.
  • To create more complex spells, you can use special items called “Cursed Books”.
  • Each book is dedicated to a specific element.
  • You need to carefully study the required section in the book before starting magic.

Magic Wands

Magic Sticks:

This modification has five types of magical items needed for successful spellcasting:

  • “Water”: Steve no longer needs to use oxygen when diving into the ocean. It works similarly to the lava wand.
  • “Lava”: the active player no longer takes damage when in lava. Or when accidentally falling into a volcano.
  • “Speed”: significantly speeds up player movements.
  • “Mining”: can instantly mine any necessary block.
  • “Storm”: summons a storm and stops the rain.

Magic Wands

Super Wand

This modification includes special spellbooks, each with its own list:

  • “Electric spellbook”;
  • “Fire spellbook”;
  • “Snow spellbook”;
  • “Ultimate magic spellbook”: combines all components and has a very powerful charge.

Magic Wands

Magic Wands

All the spellbooks work only with the infamous magic wands, which need to be crafted in the inventory. This way, any Steve can dive into a dangerous, uncharted, and cool world of magic and sorcery!

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