Lucky Blocks mod 1.21+

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Lucky Blocks mod 1.21+

Want to bring even more unexpected and exciting moments to your favorite game? Download the Lucky Blocks mod for Minecraft PE on Android and see what surprises await in the pixel world!

Purpose of the Lucky Blocks Mod for Minecraft PE:

Happiness is often a prevailing factor in life, and the creators of the famous strategy game decided to introduce the Lucky Blocks mod for Minecraft PE.


  • Unexpected Drops: Items that you wouldn’t expect to see in the game constantly appear.
  • Multiplayer Compatibility: Compete with other real players online or with NPCs.
  • Main Objective: Be the first to reach the coveted finish line without using special aids.
  • Helpful Items: Many lucky items assist in passing levels at any stage.
  • Unlucky Blocks: Beware of dangerous and unlucky blocks for Steve.
  • Variety: Includes colorful and mysterious blocks.
  • Unique Properties: Each item has its own features and properties.
  • Pandora’s Box Effect: Opening a lucky block is like opening Pandora’s Box – you never know what’s inside.
  • Mini-Games: The app now includes many interesting mini-games that must be completed according to the specified conditions.
    Five Types of Lucky Blocks:
    These blocks feature predetermined parameters for different types of challenges.

Possible Drops:

  • Lucky Structures: Provide brown cubes to build your territory.
  • Drops: Provide orange cubes with loot after defeating enemies.
  • Withered: Mysterious and randomly generated cubes.
  • PvP: Ideal for battles, containing armor and weapons.
  • Crafting: All recipes are available in the menu for independent crafting.


he Lucky Blocks mod for Minecraft PE generates a predetermined sequence of blocks with random contents, which adds an exciting element of unpredictability to the game.

“Blocks of Happiness”:
The name of this addon is in quotes for a reason, as it can bring various troubles to all Steves. Players often receive explosive substances that harm them, helpful items for enemy bosses, or other unpleasant surprises!

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