Item Drops Holograms addon 1.20+

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Item Drops Holograms addon

The Item Drops Holograms addon for Android enhances the Minecraft PE world interaction. When items are dropped on the ground, a holographic display of the item’s name and quantity appears above them. This feature simplifies tracking of dropped items and their locations.

A noteworthy aspect concerning the item name:

  • This Minecraft PE (Bedrock) addon not only enhances the gaming experience but also streamlines the item collection process. Thanks to holograms displaying the name and quantity of items, you can effortlessly locate and collect all necessary items.
  • In summary, the “Item Drops Holograms” Addon is a valuable improvement for players seeking an enhanced gaming experience. It not only adds convenience to gameplay but also introduces new elements that increase interest and excitement in the game.

Item Drops Holograms addon


  • The “Item Drops Holograms” add-on provides various options for customizing holograms. You can modify the size and position of the holograms, as well as adjust their color and transparency. This allows you to personalize the holograms according to your preferences and match them with the overall style of your game.
  • To achieve this, enter the command /function itemsHolograms_config in the chat.

Item Drops Holograms addon

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