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Infuse addon 1.21+

The Infuse Addon empowers your character in the cubic world of Minecraft PE with two types of abilities through combined potions: the first is your primary and permanent effect, manually activated, while the second is an auxiliary and usually passive effect.

  • Features of the Infuse Potions Mod:

If you enjoy experimenting with potions in your MCPE world and gaining abilities from them, this mod is perfect for you. It allows you to combine two effects using special activator items and ability extractors from vials.

The first potion ability will be primary and usually active, while the second will activate under certain conditions, such as gaining speed, regeneration in water, or fire resistance. Every effect has its cooldown and duration.

  • Overview of Primary Effects:

The primary potion effects in this Minecraft Bedrock mod are passive abilities that activate automatically when applicable. Here are the primary effects that can be added to the game and used through an ability activator:

  • Invisibility: Grants the ability to become invisible.
  • Thunder: Strikes lightning on players when hit.
  • Regeneration: Provides level 2 regeneration and level 4 when attacking.
  • Frost: Increases speed on snow, slows, and weakens players on it.
  • Feather: Allows slow falling – levitation.
  • Haste: Grants level 2 fast digging ability.
  • Strength: Increases attack power by 2 levels.
  • Heart: Adds 15-20 extra hearts.
  • Dragon: Allows hearing players within a 64-block radius when crouching. Drinking dragon’s breath deals damage to nearby players with an aura.

To put the chosen effect back into a vial, use the potion extractor.


  • Auxiliary Passive Effects:

Now let’s look at the secondary and additional potion effects that work alongside the primary ones under certain conditions during gameplay.

Use the ability activator to insert the second effect for your character:

  • Emerald: Updates the “Hero of the Village” level to 3 or makes it infinite.
  • Ocean: Grants conduit power, provides +2 damage, and restores health in water.
  • Speed: Grants level 2 speed during a forward dash.
  • Fire: Grants fire immunity while crouching, +1 damage to attacks, and restores health in fire.

If you want to select another effect and return the current one to a vial, use the potion extractor.

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