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Himars addon

The Himars addon introduces the American artillery system to Minecraft PE (Bedrock). This military equipment allows you to obliterate targets with captivating rocket launch animations and realistic explosions.

Key features of the Himars addon:

If you have a penchant for military technology in Minecraft Bedrock and everything related to warfare, you can download this mod for Himars. Immerse yourself in the destruction of enemy targets with stunning and realistic animations, accompanied by impressive sound effects.

About the military equipment:

It’s a transportable wheeled C-130 launcher in MCPE, featuring an armored cabin with enhanced crew protection. On Himars, you can also drive this vehicle.

Himars addon

Launch controls:

You’ll have access to three controls, each allowing remote interactions:

  • Initiates the starting position.
  • Concludes the position.
  • Adjusts the attack range.
  • Executes the attack.

Himars addon

Himars addon

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