Gun mod for MCPE

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Gun mod for MCPE

As per the developer’s description, this MCPE Gun mod introduces an entirely novel array of weaponry. Utilizing these arms will grant players the opportunity to engage in thrilling skirmishes against both fellow players and mobs.

Many of these weapons exhibit unconventional and unexpected capabilities. For instance, the miniature cookie gun is capable of firing exceedingly lethal cookies.

The modification incorporates the Crash Sword, enabling players in Minecraft PE to execute high jumps and dispatch adversaries upon landing. The Rainbow weapon, on the other hand, conjures a perilous tower constructed of wool.

Among these innovative weapons, the Flying Sword stands out. It propels mobs into the sky, typically leading to their eventual demise upon impact. Users can also employ the Shadow Guardian launcher to summon an enigmatic guardian that retaliates against those who attack the player.

Arguably the most peculiar weapon within the Chicken Sword. It summons a kamikaze chicken that descends from the heavens, causing explosive mayhem upon impact.

Installation Instructions:

  • Download the mod.
  • Open the files using Minecraft.
  • Activate the sets within the settings.
  • Enable “Experimental Settings.”
  • Launch your world.


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