FNAF Multiverse Add-on

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FNAF Multiverse Add-on

Introducing the fresh lineup of characters in the Minecraft Bedrock FNAFverse addon. This renowned franchise has captivated audiences for five decades, consistently delivering thrilling experiences. Regular additions of new animatronics keep the story engaging, and the chilling ambiance of the original games is palpable in MCPE.

FNAF Multiverse Add-on

Now, let’s delve into the specific characters you can anticipate encountering in the game. We have the Rockstar animatronics, a group of illustrious figures including Freddy Fazbear, Chica, Foxy, and Bonnie.

Functionality-wise, these characters operate as mobs within the game world.

Circus Child:
Baby, the tallest and largest member of the Funtime group, serves as a simple mob that becomes aggressive at night.

Funtime Foxy:
A formidable presence, Funtime Foxy exhibits distinct movement patterns.

Relying solely on her graceful movements, Ballora presents a unique challenge.

Funtime Freddy and Bonbon:
This dynamic duo works together to confront and impede the player’s progress.

These relatively straightforward companions work alongside Baby.

These eerie entities have an unsettling appearance.

A tiny hand puppet that frequently jumps around.


Resembling Bidybabs, these animatronics feature yellow-glowing eyes.

This motionless character demands averted gazes.

Unlike other iterations, this version of Lolbit appears on television screens, requiring player interaction while avoiding potential blindness.

A conglomeration of wires and parts from various endoskeletons.

Dark Trap:

A decrepit rendition of Springtrap from FNAF 3, Darktrap relentlessly roams the world until it finds its target.

FNAF Multiverse Add-on

FNAF Multiverse Add-on

FNAF Multiverse Add-on

FNAF Multiverse Add-on

Keyboard Controls:

When utilizing the keyboard, players gain access to an interaction button offering two options.

The first option illuminates an area within a 10-block radius using light_block.

The second option delivers an electric shock, stunning Ballora and Funtime Foxy upon impact.


This addon equips players with a comprehensive camera system for monitoring the pizzeria. To set up the cameras, it’s crucial to name them as cam1-cam10. Once named, accessing the camera panel activates the corresponding cameras.

Additionally, players will have several items at their disposal.

Using a Beacon of Light can ward off Funtime Foxy when pursued.

Session Time:

During the day, each animatronic puts on a show. Here’s an overview of the sessions:

Puppet Guards:
Hostile during nighttime, these guards switch to playing music during daytime performances.

Candy Cadet:
If you offer her five coins, Candy Cadet will regale you with a captivating story.

Daytime Behavior:

Compared to the original location, animatronics now exhibit enhanced activity during the day. Take a look at their updated appearance.

FNAF Multiverse Add-on

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