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FNAF mod

Download the FNAF mod for Minecraft PE on Android and see what happens! Do you want to play as characters from an insanely popular game, spending days and nights in a bustling pizzeria?

The FNAF mod for Minecraft PE: what it offers players

Many users adore the creepy heroes and antiheroes from the Freddy’s strategy game. This modification allows you to install new add-ons and enjoy the magnificent game with interesting mobs!

Some of the creatures recreated on the screen look especially creepy, while others look silly and fun. This is the “highlight” of the updated online strategy: each user chooses a character to their liking. Or just watches the gameplay.

“Five Nights at Freddy’s”
The creators claim that this is one of the simplest and most accessible modifications about the indispensable Freddy and his friends.

What or who is included in the collection with the main entity:

  • Golden Freddy;
  • Bonnie;
  • Chica;
    Foxy – the fastest and most unpredictable foe.
    It is worth noting that the above are the alter egos of the main character and his trio of best friends. They each have 53 HP. All newcomers are hostile to Steve and deal significant damage in battle.

FNAF mod

FNAF mod

FNAF mod

The damage of each enemy creature is five units deducted from HP. It is important to note that the programmers deliberately did not replace some mobs with others in the application. They simply introduced another set of characters.


The extensive mod for MCPE allows the player to meet more than thirty creatures, called animatronics, in the Minecraft reality.

What does this mean:

Animatronics are monsters that look realistic and convincing on the screen;
Each creature attacks suddenly and in a certain way;
Some are endowed with high-speed mode;
Others have extraordinary strength;
There are also soft toys from the original game that you can play with;

Characters only spawn in creative mode.

Circus animatronics:

This is the most terrifying version for active players, as they will have to fight ballerinas, clowns, giant dolls, and other monsters.

FNAF mod

FNAF mod

FNAF mod

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