Fixed Vanilla Texture Pack

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Fixed Vanilla Texture Pack

By utilizing the Fixed Vanilla texture pack, Minecraft Bedrock Edition undergoes a significant enhancement, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing, stable, and improved gameplay experience. Numerous aspects of the game have been diligently addressed and refined through this add-on.

Upon installation, a majority of texture bugs and errors are effectively rectified, even those of a minor nature, thanks to the meticulous efforts of the add-on developers.

Here are a few examples of the fixes implemented:

Enhanced textures of Structural Blocks
Rectified the underside of Watermelons
Corrected Beehive sounds
Improved grass textures
Ensured accurate height for Robbers and Zombie Villagers
Adjusted Shulkers to the correct height
Fixed the tropical fish model
Enhanced the flight of 2D projectiles
And more than 150 other refinements

Texture settings:
Upon activating the set, users have the option to choose between Default Textures (the default option) or Classic Textures within the settings.

Fixed Vanilla Texture Pack

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