Vanilla Fauna Addon 1.20+

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Vanilla Fauna Addon 1.20+

The Vanilla Fauna addon is a straightforward addition, simply introducing a variety of new animals to your Minecraft world. It brings in 12 fresh creatures, with two of them being species that once roamed during the Permian period, now extinct. Within this addon, you’ll encounter a mix of both peaceful and aggressive animals:

Domestic Centipede:

  • A neutral creature
  • Capable of inflicting poison
  • Typically seen at night in forest biomes
  • Drops: Bone Meal

Vanilla Fauna Addon 1.20+Jaguar:

  • Native to jungles
  • Can be tamed with raw beef
  • Drops: Bones and hide

Vanilla Fauna Addon 1.20+Manatee:

  • Can be found in jungles and rivers
  • Sustains itself with water blocks
  • Drops: Seaweed

Vanilla Fauna Addon 1.20+Pelican Spider:

  • Emerges during nighttime in savannas
  • A very rare mob
  • Engages in combat with other spiders
  • Has the ability to apply poison, causing nausea

Vanilla Fauna Addon 1.20+Dwarf Hippopotamus:

  • Spotted in savannas and jungles
  • Can be bred using watermelons
  • Comes in two distinct colors

Vanilla Fauna Addon 1.20+

Vanilla Fauna Addon 1.20+Nautilus:

  • Inhabits the ocean

Vanilla Fauna Addon 1.20+Wildebeest:

  • Roams savannas
  • Can be tamed with wheat
  • Asian Tapir:

Vanilla Fauna Addon 1.20+Brazilian Tapir:

  • Indigenous to jungles
  • Can be bred using watermelons and apples
  • Drops: Brazilian Tapir hide and bones

Vanilla Fauna Addon 1.20+

Vanilla Fauna Addon 1.20+Gerobatrachus:

  • Occurs in rivers and swamps
  • Drops: Raw Salmon

Vanilla Fauna Addon 1.20+

Vanilla Fauna Addon 1.20+Skutosaur:

  • Resides in mesas and deserts
  • Sustains itself with dead bushes and grass

Vanilla Fauna Addon 1.20+This add-on enriches the diversity of wildlife in your Minecraft realm, delivering a more immersive experience with these newfound creatures.

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