FAnimation resource pack

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FAnimation resource pack

The FAnimation resource pack introduces impressive animations to MCPE, similar to those from Minecraft Dungeons, where most character actions have their unique and nearly realistic movements.

  • Features of the Animation Textures from Minecraft Dungeons:

These textures bring numerous fun animations to the MCPE world, supporting some popular movement packs tailored for realistic battles and other activities.

In addition to animation updates, other changes will be introduced, such as additional decorations on players’ belts with tools and items, fun heart particle effects when holding flowers, edited water particles, speed effects, smoke, and many other fixes or improvements.

  • Demonstration of New Animations:
    With this texture pack, you will be able to:

Hold items gracefully
Walk, run, jump, crawl, and fight with new animations
Idle, sit, fish, and perform many other actions in a fresh, engaging way

FAnimation resource pack

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