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Family Life addon

Install the Family Life addon, and enchanting young women will make their appearance in the Minecraft game. In Minecraft PE, numerous players find themselves playing in solitude. Even the presence of villagers fails to alleviate this sense of isolation.

Instead of the typical village residents, endearing characters will now populate the game. You have the opportunity to engage with them extensively and even develop relationships. The interface is designed to be highly convenient and user-friendly. Each non-playable character (NPC) will possess a distinct personality and model.

Family Life addon

Key Features:

Select a girl and activate the interaction button.

A straightforward chat interface will open, offering various interaction options. The more interactions you have, the more positively the character will respond to you.

We suggest starting by cultivating a friendship, as this will lead to trading discounts. Subsequently, you can initiate romantic actions to kickstart a relationship.

Family Life addon

Updates in the latest version:

  • Enhanced optimization of addons.
  • Mod translation is now available.
  • Several errors have been rectified.
  • To enable the addon, activate Experimental Gameplay in the world settings.

Family Life addon

Compatible with 1.20.51 and higher

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