Experiment 8 add-on 1.20+

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Experiment 8 add-on

The Experiment 8 add-on introduces a fresh wave of parasites to Minecraft PE, targeting peaceful mobs and transforming them into infected entities. Confronting these parasites poses a formidable challenge, as they possess the ability to spread their infection to other mobs.

Addon Highlights:

Engage in a survival mode challenge by incorporating new parasites into Minecraft (Bedrock) that spread their influence across the environment. Additionally, you have the option to invite your friends to join your world and collectively confront this looming threat.

Details about the Parasites:

Manifesting as worms, the parasites progressively convert peaceful mobs into infected entities within MCPE.

Experiment 8 add-on

Infected Entities:

Eradicating them proves to be more manageable, given the impossibility of curing. To aid in the battle, a flamethrower will be introduced, empowering you to incinerate everything in your path.

Experiment 8 add-on

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