Expanded Archeology addon 1.21+

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Expanded Archeology addon 1.21+

The Expanded Archeology addon enhances excavation experiences in Minecraft PE, allowing you to explore ancient ceramic shards, create templates, decorative blocks, and find the Totem of Regeneration in ancient, ruined houses.

  • Features of the New Archeology Add-on:

With this mod, you can study and excavate ancient structures and artifacts to find items for further exploration, leading to the creation of more useful items.

The addon introduces a new archaeologist’s workbench, new shards, templates, and the Totem of Regeneration, similar to those found in Minecraft Dungeons!

  • Archaeologist’s Table:

The archaeologist’s table in this MCPE (Bedrock) mod allows you to duplicate ancient ceramic shards and templates for armor decoration.

  • Using the Table:

To use the archaeologist’s table for duplicating found artifacts, select a template or ceramic shard.

  • Crafting the Table:

To craft the archaeologist’s table for studying shards in your world, use the following recipe.

  • New Blocks and Structures:

If you unearth a stone tablet in your archaeological world, it will be useful for creating new decorative blocks that display symbols of the galactic alphabet.

Approach the tablet and interact with it using a pickaxe to change the displayed pattern.

  • Ruined Houses:

While exploring the world, you might stumble upon ancient, ruined structures where you can occasionally find the Totem of Regeneration in suspicious gravel.

  • Totem of Regeneration:

You have a chance to discover this totem in ruined houses and ancient structures by excavating suspicious gravel. This totem, from Minecraft Dungeons, restores your health when held.

Expanded Archeology addon 1.21+

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