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Edds' Planes mod

Edds’ Planes is an exciting Minecraft addon that introduces a variety of airplanes and other flying vehicles to the game world.

Many have expressed dissatisfaction with addons coming exclusively from the developers of the Minecraft Pocket Edition, known for their high level of detail that can sometimes clash with the game’s cubic aesthetic. Edds’ Planes addon, however, takes a different approach. The airplane models are crafted using the same blocks found in the game, blending seamlessly into the cubic game space.

Addon Overview:

The airplane can accommodate two characters. To start and fly the aircraft, it needs to be fueled. Each 5-second flight consumes 1 piece of coal, which is added to the inventory.
There is an option to install TNT blocks. This causes a block to drop every 10 seconds. Any malfunction of the aircraft leads to its explosion.

Obtaining Parts for the Airplane:

  • To obtain the airplane’s tail fin, you will need white wool (6 pieces) and oak planks (1 piece).
  • For the fuselage, you’ll need oak planks (7 pieces) and a pair of minecarts.
  • The propeller can be obtained using a coal block and white wool (4 pieces).
  • To add a pair of wings, you’ll need oak wood (2 pieces), white wool (6 pieces), and a phantom membrane (1 piece).


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