Custom Crosshairs texture pack

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Custom Crosshairs

The Custom Crosshairs texture pack alters the crosshair display in Minecraft PE (Bedrock) on your screen. It is particularly beneficial for players using a PC or game controller. The pack introduces approximately nine new crosshair options that you can customize in the game settings.

Key features of the New Crosshairs pack:

You have the flexibility to select a crosshair based on your preferences and color choices. For example, if you wish to participate in combat, a crosshair with a reticle can prove useful, and these textures enable you to apply such configurations.


In Minecraft PE (Bedrock), nine new crosshairs will be incorporated.


  • Plus with a dot.
  • Plus without a dot.
  • Similar to Half-Life.
  • Circular.
  • Dot.
  • Square with a dot.
  • Arrow.
  • Square.
  • Plus sign.

Custom Crosshairs

Custom Crosshairs texture pack

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